Unlock the power of Pricing
Data-driven pricing decisions for Private Label sellers
Match your listing value
Make sure that the price reflects the product listing value
Find real competitors
Find the actual competitors of your Private Label products
Get rid of spreadsheets
Save days on finding the best price for your products
Automate with A.I.
Delegate pricing decisions to an A.I. co-pilot and relax
Finding the right price made simple
If prices are too high, people won't buy. If prices are too low, there's not enough profit. When people want new things, prices change. When a new competitor comes, you need a different pricing plan. Holocene gives you a smart way to find the perfect price every day.

Why use Pricing Analytics

Typical use cases

1. Are my Prices in the Market?
We review your past sales data to understand how your prices affect your sales. We'll help you figure out if changing your prices higher or lower will increase your profits.
2. How do I set Prices for New products?
We guide you in setting prices for new products to generate most sales and profits for your business.
3. Which Price generates most Sales?
We show you how likely customers are to buy your products at various prices. This helps you find the price that brings the most sales.
4. Which Price generates most Profit?
We find the perfect price for your products that balances quick sales and good prices for the best profit.
5. How to respond to Competitors?
We study how competitors change their prices to help you decide the best price for your product.
6. How to Predict the best Price Every day?
We examine your sales and market trends to quickly adjust your prices if there's a chance to boost sales.

Data-driven Pricing

Powerful Pricing Features

All prices at hand
An all-in-one Pricing Analytics Dashboard that covers all aspects of your pricing strategy.
SKU-level pricing performance
Analyze top-sellers and learn more about the performance of your product matrix.
Effect of Price on Revenue
Analyze the historical sales revenue and learn how changes in price correlate with changes in revenue.
Price elasticity curve
Stay in control of the sales velocity with the Price Elasticity engine.
Pricing analytics table
Pricing information neatly summarized in a convenient table. Sort, filter, make decisions.
Price validation
(A.I. powered)
What would've happened if you had kept the original price? Now you can find out. But don't take our words for it – validate incremental changes in sales performance starting Day 1.
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