Unlock the power of Pricing
A.I. powered Pricing Analytics platform for Brands and Retailers
Pricing analytics
Check out how prices perform for your business
Pricing strategy
Predict the best price for Sales and Profit
Pricing optimization
Timely adjust prices to win competition

Unlock the power of Pricing

A.I. powered Pricing Analytics platform for Brands and Retailers

  • 7 days
    Launching a new product? Find the best price fast!
  • +29% profit
    Unlock hidden profit on a convenient dashboard
  • +25% sales
    Boosting sales? Find the most dynamic price
  • x5.6 ROI
    "I could not imagine this was even possible" – but it is
Finding the right price can be hard...
If the price is too high, people might not buy it; too low, and you might not make enough money. That's where we help!

Our price guides show you the way to optimize sales velocity, revenue, and profit.

Let's find the best price together!
Visualize all prices on a single dashboard
Visual communication of your past pricing performance is the best way to discover hidden insights. Holocene helps find the top performers in your pricing strategy.
Launch faster
Try out different prices to find the ones that make the best offers
Increase sales
Holocene helps set a price that increases sales without looking cheap
Maximize profit
Holocene helps find the best price for the most profit
Let the A.I. do the heavy lifting
Holocene will find a new price if the demand shifts
Find the best price
The Holocene A.I.-powered algorithm analyzes demand at various prices and helps find the prices that boost sales and profit.
  • Price elasticity
    Find the price that maximizes revenue gains and profit
  • CTR and CVR
    Adjust clicks and conversions with appealing prices
  • Demand volatility
    Adjust the price when the market demand shifts
  • Defence strategy
    Stay ahead of competition by timely responding to price changes
How it works
Unlock your pricing data
Connect Amazon Seller Central via secure API and feed in historical sales data
Set boundaries for Profit & Loss calculations and select a pricing strategy for eligible SKU (at least 10 items of each SKU sold per day)
The algorithms learns how the market responds to different prices, changing them by 1-3% up and down
After the first 30 days the algorithm adjust the pricing strategy based on the actual market data, and methodically grows your revenue and profit by timely responding to the shifts in market demand
Starting Month 3 the algorithm amalgamates pricing strategy across all SKU, and works to reach your desired ROI

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