Case studies
Produly boosting sales and profit
The Challenge

Holocene partnered with Growth Scalers, a Florida based Amazon agency that was building a Private Label on Amazon US. Jérémie, the founder of GS, engaged Holocene and tasked with finding a price that boosts sales and profitability.

The Action

Holocene analyzed historical sales. Due to the lack of observations, Holocene algorithmically added 5 additional price points and fitted a new elasticity curve with high confidence. Within a month Holocene tested several prices until found those that perfectly followed the market demand.

The Result

+ 25.74% sales, + 28.72% profit, 60 days

“Growth Scalers started using Holocene on a trial basis. We quickly saw how effective it was and decided to use it for all our product listings.

As someone who's officially certified by Google, Amazon, and Shopify, I was really impressed by how smart their pricing intelligence system is: 1% decrease in price resulted in 55% increase in sales. It’s unbelievable!

Holocene checked our prices daily and tweaked some higher and some lower. In less than a month, they helped us make nearly 30% more profit.

We're definitely sticking with Holocene and would recommend it to any sellers looking to make more money.

It's that easy!”

Jérémie Tranape, Co-founder of Growth Scalers
The Challenge

Holocene partnered with Caffé Uno Baltics, a coffee retailer in Estonia that was developing a Shopify based store. Ivanna, the business owner, was struggling to find the optimal price to maximize sales revenue. She tasked Holocene to find the price that yields the most predictable daily revenue.

The Action

Holocene analyzed historical sales and found that the lowest price point associated with the inferior quality of the product. Raising prices helped to build more credibility and gain a higher sales velocity with more confidence.

The Result

+ 24.68% revenue, 60 days

“Higher prices can be an option as well. I never actually thought that raising prices by 5.7% would give us 56.3%, more sales per day. It’s kind of magical how Holocene finds these goldilocks points in the market.

Great software!”

Ivanna Zakharov, Business owner of Caffé Uno Baltics