Replace spreadsheets with Dashboards
Use case
"Spreadsheet are a powerful tool. But that's exactly where the problem lies. Using a tool takes plenty of man-hours..."
Spreadsheets are great for simple, one-time calculations, but they're not ideal for the daily, large-scale tasks required to set the right prices. To predict the most effective price, you need up-to-date reports on past sales, advertising effectiveness, bestseller rankings, competition, stock levels, and basic market limits like break-even prices, maximum possible prices, and production costs. When you update and manage these factors every day, the amount of data becomes enormous. That's where Holocene steps in, handling this complex job with ease as part of its everyday process.
Case study: component soil
Handling massive amounts of data is a big hurdle when making business decisions. The key to smart pricing is often hidden within billions of data points, which is too much information for a person to analyze alone. A Holocene client was selling a variety of gardening soils on Amazon in Germany and doing pretty well, but they found out the best-selling product wasn’t actually making any money. The seller was about to stop selling this product and focus on the ones that were profitable. However, after a detailed analysis of how different prices affected sales, the seller discovered one price out of more than twenty that actually did make money. By sticking with this price, the client was able to keep the product on Amazon and increased their profit by 14% on that item alone.
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